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Tips To Help Busy Moms Find Time To Exercise

It’s hard for anyone to get into an exercise routine and stick to it. For moms, it may seem nearly impossible with all of the responsibilities they have to take care of.  From running to appointments, dropping little ones off at school or daycare, and balancing work and home tasks, there is often little time leftContinue Reading »

How To Avoid Injury During Yard Clean-Up

This time of year, we start to spend a lot of time spring cleaning, especially in the yard!  Whether it be raking leaves, mowing the lawn, or planting flowers, here are some key tips to keep in mind with your body to prevent injury with your annual clean-up. One of the most common injuries that canContinue Reading »

4 Tips If Your Goal Is To Stay Active

It’s that time of year again. Everyone has started working on their New Year’s resolutions and feeling more motivated than ever to hit their new goal for 2021. Everyone at Functional Advantage is no exception – we’ve all been talking about the goals that we’ve set ourselves too, and what we’re going to do to stickContinue Reading »

Doctor’s Referral

“Can I come to you for Physical Therapy if my Doctor referred me to a different facility?” This is a question we often get at our office and the answer is… Yes!  In fact, if your doctor is affiliated with a hospital system they will most likely refer you to physical therapy within that same hospital system andContinue Reading »

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