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Stages of Knee Replacement Recovery

Stages of Knee Replacement Recovery

A knee replacement can mean a world of change to someone who’s been dealing with bad knees. Sometimes the recovery can come as a surprise, so we want to give you an idea of what to expect when you get a total knee replacement!Day 1 Knee replacement rehab begins as soon as the day after surgery.Continue Reading »

2 Simple Ways To Protect Your Knee Joints

Here are some simply ways that will help to protect your vital joints, such as your knees, and help you to remain active and able to exercise. These tips are great for anyone, but especially for anyone aged 50+, and for those that are looking to get more active now that we are approaching the warmerContinue Reading »

Tips To Reduce Knee Pain While Outside

As the weather starts to get warm, Michiganders know it’s time to spend some time outside. Whether you’re cleaning up your yard, preparing for garage sales, or just getting out to enjoy the weather, knee pain can change your plans in a heartbeat. If you still want to enjoy some fresh air, here are some tipsContinue Reading »

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