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“Hear From Happy Patients of Functional Advantage PT Clinic”

Please enjoy reading stories of other people just like you who came to see the physical therapy team at Functional Advantage - and left much healthier and happier:

Steven E.

40’s from Saginaw, MI

“I would give Neil and his facility a 5 out 5 rating. I hurt my neck in the middle of golf season and Neil helped relieve the pain I was experiencing and provided the PT I needed to increase the mobility in my neck, shoulders and upper back. I still use the exercises he taught me to loosen up and stretch out. Thanks again Neil.“

Pam M.

60’s from Freeland, MI

“Today is my last day of therapy Neil Sauer did a wonderful job getting me the use of my shoulder back I still have to strengthening to do. But I can do that. I'm going to miss it a little. Neil has a great sense of humor so it was fun. If anyone needs a physical therapist. I would highly recommend you going to see Neil Sauer at Functional Advantage in Freeland.“

Kelly M.

40’s from Saginaw, MI

“Neil and Erica were both phenomenal in helping me rehab after shoulder surgery. The entire staff is professional and friendly. They all made rehab a positive and pleasant experience. They have helped me to be successful with rehab, and I would highly recommend them for any physical therapy needs.“

“I had been trying varies methods, spending tons of money, for over a year to fix my back issues. After only 4 visits with Neil I finally found relief! Continuing my treatments at home and 3 months later still good! So happy I finally went in!“

Ashley H.

40’s from Auburn, MI

“I highly recommend Neil Sauer, DPT. Prior to attending Physical Therapy at FUNCTIONAL ADVANTAGE, I had chronic low back pain for over 10 years. Deciding I needed to do something about this pain, I went to a specialist whom personal referred Neil as my therapist. My experience was life changing. Neil not only gave me the one-on-one attention each and every session, thus making certain I was properly executing each task, he also taught me life skills on how to best keep my back strong while working at home and in my horse barn. He is definitely an asset to our medical community!!“

Lori A.

50’s from Merril, MI

“I first met Neil & his staff when a friend gave me a gift certificate issued by Neil for a free evaluation. I took advantage of that and after my evaluation and Neal contacting my primary care giver, I began my weekly visits with Neil & Erica. Who would believe that simple daily exercises would give me so much relief from my lower back & hip issues. Following a routine of exercise & being conscious of what triggers flare-ups has given me a new outlook on life. Neil & his staff go over & above as they care for you as a whole person & help with much more than your physical ailments. But just beware when they bring out the SLED! Always grateful for having met all of the staff! I believe they all live a healthy life style & want to see others follow suit!“

Pamela L.

70’s from Midland, MI

“Thanksgiving 2017 was a very uncomfortable one for me. I love preparing the big meal for all my family but I experienced a great deal of pain in my neck and upper back when standing, chopping, stirring, etc. etc. Any meal prep was becoming quite painful, depending how long it took. I finally decided to seek some physical therapy to see if that could help with my discomfort in the kitchen. My husband had previously worked with Neil, and I would take him to his appointments. I always liked the way Neil interacted with his patients. Both Neil and Erica were great to work with and could work around my schedule. They gave me an exercise plan I could continue after my course of treatment wrapped up. I was amazed how quickly I saw improvement. I regret I didn't seek their assistance sooner. I'm happy to report I made it through this Thanksgivings' preparations without a single neck/back ache! I would strongly recommend Functional Advantage Physical Therapy if anyone is experiencing pain and discomfort in their day-to-day activities!“

Janna H.

60’s from Midland, MI

“I have had other major surgeries but nothing prepared me for my total knee replacement. The loss of mobility was hard to accept but with the help of Functional Advantage I have regained my independence. Neil Sauer worked with me for 6 weeks and his EXPERTISE, PATIENCE and ENCOURAGEMENT enabled me to return to work after only 2 months. I would highly recommend Functional Advantage and Neil Sauer for your physical therapy needs.“

Sandy C.

60’s from Midland, MI

“During my 6 weeks of PT at Functional Advantage I worked with therapists Kelly and Erica. Both therapists were thorough and creative in helping me achieve my goals with the pain in my shoulder. They were very personable and caring in providing the right exercise combinations for my therapy. My therapy was successful because of their dedication and commitment. I highly recommend Functional Advantage for your physical therapy needs“

Jan P.

60’s from Freeland, MI

“When I decided to have both knees replaced at the same time, I knew that I'd be relying heavily on physical therapy to get me back on my feet. Neil Sauer at Functional Advantage was recommended to me and I'm so glad I listened. Functional Advantage is a nice facility and Neil is a terrific physical therapist. After only 2 1/2 months since my surgery, I'm getting around really well and I'm even back to playing golf! I also liked the fact that Neil is the only P.T. at Functional Advantage and I didn't have to adjust to other therapists when I showed up for my sessions. Neil is very capable and has the right disposition for this type of work. I highly recommend him.“

Rich M.

80’s from Freeland, MI

“I was referred to Neil by my family doctor for neck stiffness and constant tingling-numbness in my right arm. Not being able to turn my head very far made it hazardous backing up a car or checking traffic at stop streets. Before going to Neil I thought this was just the way it was going to be in 'old age' Ha! But working with Neil for two months, I regained my range of motion to what it was years ago and honestly have zero tingling or numbness in my arm now. It's amazing. He is very personable and easy to talk to. Though the mobility gained was enough, I was mostly surprised with the amount of new knowledge I gained and tools he gave me to maintain my functions. I'd highly recommend Neil at Functional Advantage.“

Ron H.

70’s from Freeland, MI

“I came to Neil's clinic because of right hip pain that was interfering with my ability to work out on a daily basis, teach fitness classes and back pack for long distances. Neil immediately found that it was a back problem affecting my hip and put me through an excellent program that helped me keep pain-free most days. On the days I over do it, my home program allows me to manage that pain myself. Neil was professional, fun, and knowledgeable. His manual therapy skills are outstanding and within a week, I was feeling 75% better. The one on one attention I received from Neil was priceless. I recommend Neil to all my clients with any type of orthopedic issue, including chronic pain. Pain does not have to be a part of your life!! Thanks, Neil!“

Jamie H.

40’s from Freeland, MI


50’s from St. Charles, MI

What improvements have you noticed as a result of PT?

“Having physical therapy has made a huge difference in the way I get around.”

What would you say to someone to make them feel more comfortable giving us a try?

“I tried another physical therapist with very little success. Give these people a try - they know what they are doing!!!”

How have you been able to return to activities that you once avoided because of pain?

“I'm unsure about skiing again this winter, however taking walks in now much more comfortable.”

What type of things have you enjoyed about PT?

“I couldn't believe that my pain was going away. The people in this office treat you with sincere kindness.”

What would you want other people to know about your time working with us?

“Great experience! Give them a try. You will definitely feel better!”

Linda A.

70’s from Freeland, MI

How long did you wait before making the decision to come see us?

"I started therapy as soon as the doctor recommended it. However, it took me 7 weeks to get to the doctor."

Why did you feel as though you had to wait that long? What was the obstacle to coming to see a PT?

"I waited 7 weeks to get to the doctor because I had a planned cycling vacation in Florida. I hoped the knee would heal, but I reinjured the knee on the trip."

What was your particular problem and how bad was it before coming to see us?

"Before I came to therapy, I was waking with the assistance of a walking stick. I could not get up from a kitchen chair without using both arms to pull me up. I could not go up and down stairs. I could barley put on my shoes." 

What were you missing out on before coming to see us?

"I was missing out on walking and working in my flowers."

What else did you try that didn't work?

"I tried soaking in Epsom salts, icing, heating pads, ibuprofen, knee braces and elastic supports." 

Since you came to see us, what impact have we made to the quality of your life?

"Greatly improved."

What did you enjoy most about coming to see us?

"The people were very friendly. They seemed concerned about how you were doing."

What would you say to anyone who is currently skeptical about PT or undecided?

"I would say try it! What can it hurt?"

How would you describe PT to your friend or family member?

"PT made a big difference. I can walk without a stick, I can do stairs. I can put on my shoes. I can get up from a kitchen chair without the help of my arms! Love it! The day after my last therapy session, I left for a 6 day cycling trip in MN. I rode over 220 miles with hills and 90+ degree temperatures. I never had to stop or Sag (ride in van) because of the knee. In fact, my knees felt better after riding. Thank you for getting me to this point, so I did NOT have to cancel my bike tour."


70’s from Farwell, MI

What improvements have you noticed as a result of PT?

“My confidence has improved considerably knowing that I have been proactive towards my back issues. I had knee replacement surgery two years ago and I am 100 % recovered and no longer feel any pain.”

What would you say to someone to make them feel more comfortable giving us a try?

Your professionalism and friendly atmosphere makes recovery so much easier. Even though recovery from surgery can be very difficult and painful at times, I felt that I was getting the best treatment possible. In the end my results exceeded my expectations.”

How have you been able to return to activities that you once avoided because of pain?

“Sorry to say Surgery will be the only Solution for my back. I had to total knee replacement surgeries and my rehabilitation was 100% successful. I now live a pain free life and am able to walk run and jog pain free.”

What type of things have you enjoyed about PT?

“Prior to Covid the candy dish. Post Covid the friendly and caring atmosphere. The atmosphere was so warm and caring, it felt like family. I actually looked forward to interacting with everyone that works there. It made my recovery so much easier.”

What would you want other people to know about your time working with us?

“I live one hour away in Farwell and it was worth the drive because of the people that work here. Both my wife and myself have had treatment and know that there would be nowhere we would rather go to for rehabilitation.”

Richard C.

90’s from Freeland, MI

About your particular problem... what was it and how bad was it before you came to see us?

"Lower back with severe sharp pain. On a scale of 1-10, about an 8."

How long did you wait before making the decision to come see us?

"Too long, maybe a couple of months."

What changed your mind that you felt PT was the right decision for you?

"I was willing to try anything to relieve my back pain. I couldn’t even cut my lawn."

What did we get you back to doing?

"I am able to cut my lawn and other things with no back pain. I’ve been pain free for two weeks."

How were we different than other places you may have looked into?

"I never looked into any other place. I lucked out and made the right decision the first time."

What impact have we made to the quality of your life?

"100% improvement"

Of all the things you enjoyed about coming to see us, what was the one thing you liked best?

"I have never been to a facility where everyone was so friendly and seemed to enjoy their work."

Now that you've experienced PT, how would you describe it to your best friend or family member?

"I would highly recommend it to anyone. I am still amazed at the results of PT. If I again have pain, I know where to go!"

Ellie k.

80’s from Saginaw, MI

What improvements have you noticed as a result of PT?

"Less weakness in my legs and more mobility in right hip joint."

What would you say to someone to make them feel more comfortable giving us a try?

"I felt the therapist(s) evaluated me carefully, listened to my feedback and developed a practical program to meet my specific needs"

How have you been able to return to activities that you once avoided because of pain?

"I have returned to walking for longer times and distances since being sedentary from the COVID quarantine. My posture and stride are better and encourage needed exercise."

What type of things have you enjoyed about PT?

"It was targeted to my particular needs, based on extensive professional training and kept me working on exercises I might otherwise have neglected alone."

What would you want other people to know about your time working with us?

"The staff members at all levels were exceptionally friendly and caring, and the atmosphere felt like family."

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