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Here at Functional Advantage Physical Therapy we offer a free physical therapy consultation called a “Discovery” visit which is perfect for anyone suffering with any type of pain, stiffness, or balance related issue, and is unsure what to do about it. 

During your free discovery visit you will sit down, one-on-one, with one of our physical therapists and have a conversation with them about what has been going on. Then the therapist will be able to take a look and determine exactly what is causing your pain or mobility issue and help you make a more educated decision on what to do moving forward.

You’ll leave your 20-minute discovery visit knowing exactly WHAT’S GOING WRONG and WHAT SOLUTIONS there are to relieve your pain or mobility issue. It’s perfect for anyone who would like to be shown how physical therapy works before making any commitment to treatment.

If you are interested in learning if we can help you become more active, mobile, and healthy without having to rely on pain medication, injections, or surgery... please fill out the short form below. The more we know about you, the better we can help you...

Hurry: Our “Free Discovery Visits” are limited and given away on a first-come, first-served basis. Make sure to secure yours before they are all reserved...


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What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Functional Advantage


Deb B.

In Her 50’s Freeland, MI

Dizziness... I'd had it for a long time. Sometimes I'd make sure somebody was behind me so that I could grab onto them. I would notice that when I turned over in bed a certain way the room would be spinning and it was really bad when I would sit up from a laying down position. Now the dizziness is gone and you know, it's actually made my life so much better. So much better.


Paul B.

In His 40’s Freeland, MI

I spend a lot of time at the desk and I started having some trouble with hip pain, sciatica down the side of the leg, into the lower back, trouble sitting for long periods of time. The pain had been happening for probably upwards of 10 years. Ultimately what led me in here was I was having trouble playing golf. I'm definitely on a good path now and I know there's no reason to have to live with pain.


Diane L.

In Her 70’s Saginaw, MI

I lost my confidence in walking and going places and didn't feel like I had quality of life. There was a lot of fear of falling, which would create more injuries. I thought I had to go to the doctor, get a referral and go through all their testing. I came here just to explore it and see your balance program and then you guys did all the work for me. Now I can do everything I want to do.

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