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What To Expect In A Free Consultation With One Of Our Physical Therapists

“What happens in a free consultation with a physical therapist?”

We had a phone call from a lady today who has never taken advantage of the free consultations that we offer from time to time, and she asked us this exact question before she booked her consultation with us.

This lady has been struggling with back pain for a while, and she finally decided she needed to come and get some advice from Neil to find out what was wrong and get an expert diagnosis.

She said she had waited too long, thinking the pain would just “go away”.

She understandably had lots of questions with it being her first time, so we thought it would be a good idea to share what happens in one of these free consultations, in case there’s anyone reading this that has the same question.


When you book a consultation with us, one of our customer care specialists will ask you a couple of questions about where it hurts, what it might be stopping you from being able to do, and what you might want to achieve from seeing a physical therapist. Our goal is to help you make the right decision about what to do next for the best, and make sure physical therapy is the right way forward for you.


We will then pass all this information over to the physical therapist. So, before you even come in, the physical therapist is going to have a very good indication of what’s going on with you, and what your goals are. In the consultation, the physical therapist would do their tests and checks and would ask you a few additional questions so that they could give you an accurate diagnosis. They wouldn’t just look at the injury in isolation, they look at everything as a bigger picture. For example, a lot of people come in to see us with back pain, but in fact we find out the pain is actually coming from their knees or even their feet.


We always say to come with lots of questions for your physical therapist. What we tend to find is when people leave, they then call us afterwards and say they wished they had asked us if they should still go to the gym, should they swim, or should they run etc. So, we always say to people to come prepared with questions. Our physical therapists are so knowledgeable, and full of expert advice and information.

And Finally,

The physical therapist should then be able to give you their expert diagnosis, and their recommendation for what the next steps are to help you achieve your goals.

Remember, these consultations are always 100% free. For this visit you won't need to fill out any paperwork, you won't have to worry about your insurance being billed, and there is no obligation to commit to any kind of treatment. 

Are you looking for some help, or do you have a friend or family member that could benefit from a consultation?

If you want to book a consultation to get some advice or clarification on an old or new ache or pain, or you know someone that needs some help and advice, please click here.

or you can always give us a call at 989-575-1659!

Neil Sauer

Neil Sauer

Physical Therapist, Certified Health Coach and company owner Neil Sauer graduated from Saginaw Valley State University in 2002 with a Bachelor of Science. During that time he played four years of collegiate soccer. Neil earned a Doctor of Physical Therapy from Central Michigan University in 2006. He has taken continuing education courses for Stanley Paris manual therapy techniques and a Gary Gray Functional Training course. He has also taken selective functional movement assessment courses with the North American Sports Medical Institute (NASMI). Neil’s treatment philosophy goes beyond reducing pain and restoring motion/mobility. He has a passion for health and wellness and for improving the quality of life of his clients, and works holistically with them to ensure their injuries do not reoccur and that his clients enjoy optimal functionality. He strives to help his patients live more active, mobile and healthy lives knowing that they don’t have to rely on pain medications, injections or surgery. In his personal life, he is married and has two sons. During spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family, fishing, spending time outdoors and leading an active and healthy life. Neil also likes to read as much as possible when he finds/makes time. He primarily reads books on leadership, business and special forces. An avid exercise enthusiast, he continually works to improve his own health and wellness.
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