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Back Pain FAQ’s Answered – Finally Get Relief!

Are you tired of dealing with nagging back pain that just won't seem to go away?

You're not alone.

Back pain is a common issue that affects millions of people worldwide, but the good news is that there are solutions available to help you find relief and get back to doing the things you love.

Here are some frequently asked questions about back pain, along with our expert answers to shed light on the topic and provide you with more information to help you on your journey towards pain-free living:

I've been experiencing back pain lately. What could be causing it?

Back pain can have various causes, including muscle strain, poor posture, spinal misalignment, or underlying medical conditions.

Identifying the specific cause of your back pain is crucial for developing an effective treatment plan.

Can exercise help with back pain?

Yes, regular exercise, including strength training, flexibility exercises, and low-impact aerobic activities like swimming or walking, can strengthen the muscles supporting your spine and improve flexibility, reducing the risk of back pain.

Are there any lifestyle changes I can make to reduce back pain?

Aside from exercise, there are several lifestyle modifications that can help alleviate back pain, including maintaining a healthy weight, practicing good posture, using ergonomic furniture and equipment, staying hydrated, and managing stress levels through relaxation techniques like yoga or meditation.

Additionally, if you are a smoker, quitting smoking can improve blood flow and promote healing in the spine.

Should I see a physical therapist for my back pain?

If you're experiencing persistent or severe back pain that interferes with your daily activities, it's advisable to consult a physical therapist.

Here at Functional Advantage Physical Therapy we offer a free physical therapy consultation called a “Discovery” visit which is perfect for anyone suffering from back pain. 

During your free discovery visit you will sit down, one-on-one, with one of our physical therapists and have a conversation with them about what has been going on. Then the therapist will be able to take a look and determine exactly what is causing your back pain and help you make a more educated decision on what to do moving forward.

You’ll leave your 20-minute discovery visit knowing exactly WHAT’S GOING WRONG and WHAT SOLUTIONS there are to relieve your back pain. It’s perfect for anyone who would like to be shown how physical therapy works before making any commitment to treatment.

If you are interested in learning if we can help you become more active, mobile, and healthy without having to rely on pain medication, injections, or surgery... please click here to fill out a short form and we will contact you shortly. 

Neil Sauer

Neil Sauer

Physical Therapist, Certified Health Coach and company owner Neil Sauer graduated from Saginaw Valley State University in 2002 with a Bachelor of Science. During that time he played four years of collegiate soccer. Neil earned a Doctor of Physical Therapy from Central Michigan University in 2006. He has taken continuing education courses for Stanley Paris manual therapy techniques and a Gary Gray Functional Training course. He has also taken selective functional movement assessment courses with the North American Sports Medical Institute (NASMI). Neil’s treatment philosophy goes beyond reducing pain and restoring motion/mobility. He has a passion for health and wellness and for improving the quality of life of his clients, and works holistically with them to ensure their injuries do not reoccur and that his clients enjoy optimal functionality. He strives to help his patients live more active, mobile and healthy lives knowing that they don’t have to rely on pain medications, injections or surgery. In his personal life, he is married and has two sons. During spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family, fishing, spending time outdoors and leading an active and healthy life. Neil also likes to read as much as possible when he finds/makes time. He primarily reads books on leadership, business and special forces. An avid exercise enthusiast, he continually works to improve his own health and wellness.
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