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Unsure or not quite ready to start physical therapy? We understand! To help you make a decision and answer any questions you may have, one of our expert Physical Therapist would be happy to speak with you on the phone. We want you to be 100% comfortable with starting your therapy program. Just click the button above to request a phone consultation.


You may have numerous questions about the cost and availability of physical therapy before you commit to our program. Please feel free to click the button below, fill-out a short form, and we can answer any of your questions.


We realize some people may be “unsure” if physical therapy is the right option for them. If that sounds like you, please click on the link above and tell us more about you so we can answer your questions. Our goal is to help you become more active, mobile and healthy without having to rely on pain medications, injections or surgery.

Success Stories

What People Say About Functional Advantage

Patient Testimonials
  • Jan P.
    5 months ago
    During my 6 weeks of PT at Functional Advantage I worked with therapists Kelly and Erica. Both therapists were thorough and creative in helping me achieve my goals with the pain in my shoulder. They were very personable and caring in providing the right exercise combinations for my therapy. My therapy was successful because of their dedication and commitment. I highly recommend Functional Advantage for your physical therapy needs
  • Penny R.
    5 months ago
    I was a non-believer in PT. I thought I could do it on my own after breaking my femur from a fall, but this PT made me a believer. I am now able to walk faster and feel much stronger. It is wonderful to finally have no pain! I have enjoyed the atmosphere and the staff, Neil, Kelly, Erica and the front office girls were very kind. They were always smiling and laughing and making sure that you were okay throughout the session. The clinic itself was very clean and always smelled so good, also meeting new people was a pleasure. I am now a true believer in physical therapy!
  • Kevin P.
    1 year ago
    To all who have the need to improve their life through Physical Therapy. Last spring, I fell and broke my fibula and had to have surgery to put my leg back together again. I chose to go to Functional Advantage Physical Therapy in Freeland to rehabilitate my leg. I knew nothing about the site and chose it do to location. I am glad I chose Functional Advantage Physical Therapy. I would strongly recommend them to anyone in need of rehabilitation. Neil and Erica are very professional in all they do and yet keep the sessions relaxed and enjoyable. I hobbled into their facility on one leg and a pair of crouches. By the time I finished therapy I walk out as if I had never broken my leg in the first place. I feel my leg and ankle are stronger and I have more flexibility than I had before I broke my leg. If you are looking for a great Physical Therapy experience, I encourage you to use Functional Advantage Physical Therapy.
  • Pamela L.
    1 year ago
    I first met Neal & his staff when a friend gave me a gift certificate issued by Neal for a free evaluation. I took advantage of that and after my evaluation and Neal contacting my primary care giver, I began my weekly visits with Neal & Erica. Who would believe that simple daily exercises would give me so much relief from my lower back & hip issues. Following a routine of exercise & being conscious of what triggers flare-ups has given me a new outlook on life. Neal & his staff go over & above as they care for you as a whole person & help with much more than your physical ailments. But just beware when they bring out the SLED! Always grateful for having met all of the staff! I believe they all live a healthy life style & want to see others follow suit!
  • Dorothy & Dave K.
    2 years ago
    Dave's and my therapy with Neil was so beneficial. We can't believe the progress we made with his help. We went from so much pain to hardly any. We would highly recommend him to anyone with any physical therapy needs. He is friendly, caring, competent, and easy to work with.
  • Eric W.
    2 years ago
    Neil is an outstanding physical therapist! Functional Advantage is an awesome facility! if you need PT, GO THERE. You won't be disappointed.
  • Mary B.
    2 years ago
    After 4 weeks I celebrate mobility without pain meds. Neil is professional, patient and knowledgeable . I highly recommend him.
  • Mark B.
    2 years ago
    Neil has done a great job helping me recover from my rotator cuff surgery! I highly recommend him if you need physical therapy.
  • Eric B.
    2 years ago
    I went to Functional Advantage after having achilles tendon surgery to repair a rupture. Neil helped me regain a lot of range of motion back and had me able to walk and drive in no time. This is a top notch clinic with a knowledgeable/caring staff. If you are looking for an amazing physical therapist who combines hands on (manual work) with therapeutic exercise, Functional Adavantage is the place to go.
  • Lori A.
    3 years ago
    I highly recommend Neil Sauer, DPT. Prior to attending Physical Therapy at FUNCTIONAL ADVANTAGE, I had chronic low back pain for over 10 years. Deciding I needed to do something about this pain, I went to a specialist whom personal referred Neil as my therapist. My experience was life changing. Neil not only gave me the one-on-one attention each and every session, thus making certain I was properly executing each task, he also taught me life skills on how to best keep my back strong while working at home and in my horse barn. He is definitely an asset to our medical community!!
  • Steven E.
    3 years ago
    I would give Neil and his facility a 5 out 5 rating. I hurt my neck in the middle of golf season and Neil helped relieve the pain I was experiencing and provided the PT I needed to increase the mobility in my neck, shoulders and upper back. I still use the exercises he taught me to loosen up and stretch out. Thanks again Neil.
  • Sam D.
    3 years ago
    I was a client of Functional Advantage during the summer months of 2015. I found the experience to be extremely rewarding, pleasant and immensely helpful. Neil Sauer is very professional and accommodating in his approach to physical therapy. He is very knowledgeable about how the human body works, and how to maintain and improve its movement. The clinic is fully functional, pleasant and clean. I highly recommend Functional Advantage for your next physical therapy needs. You will be highly satisfied.
  • Riley H.
    3 years ago
    Working with Neil was an all around excellent experience! Not only is he highly skilled and intelligent from a PT perspective, but he's also great with patient interaction. I never felt as if going to therapy was a chore, as I looked forward to not only feeling better physically but to hanging out with Neil. I would highly recommend his services to customers of any age, with any ailment. Hands down one of the best therapy experiences I've ever had. Thanks Neil!
  • Brad H.
    3 years ago
    Functional Advantage has been the most effective PT clinic I have experienced. The one on one and undivided attention from Neil greatly improved my rate of recovery and flexibility. Having Neil explain the "what a why's" of each exercise as well as watching/instructing/correcting each exercise sets this clinic apart from others that I have used. Neil also documented an easy to follow at list of home exercises for in-between visits and an after care regimen. The clinic very clean and spacious, giving me the ability to walk around after a set of exercises. I would very much recommend Functional Advantage for anyone with pre/post surgery PT needs, or anyone with the desire to improve flexibility.

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